Rants & Raves Part 2: Bluetooth

28 Mar

Thanks for making me look stupid. Really. So I’m in Wal Mart, and I think you’re talking to me (loudly) and so I answer with the typical “huh?” and you laugh and turn your head and reveal this “thing” attached to your ear. I soon realize that you’re talking on your cell phone (conveniently hidden in your pocket) with a wonder of technology called the bluetooth headset. These are wireless headsets that talk with your cell phone, and cause awkwardness for all too many. Here are just a couple of things that annoy me about bluetooth headsets.

..1: You talk too freakin loud! How many times have you been on a bus ride, in a restaurant, in a car with other people, numerous other situations I can’t think of right now because I have a crappy memory (probably because of your bluetooth headset, research not in yet) and heard someone talking really loud or laughing and you see no reason why, only to realize they are on their phone? Sheesh! How many times have you been in public and thought someone was talking to you and, like a dweeb, answered them, only to be rejected with “the look and point”, referring to the look of “you’re an idiot for thinking I’m talking to you” and the point to the headset. Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it! Afterthought… if you are an avid “people watcher” like me, take a look around the mall. Guaranteed to see tons of people with these terrible things strapped on jabbering (or not, see next point) away.

..2: These are not a fashion statement! A word of advice to you who “bluetooth”. TAKE THE FRIGGIN THING OFF IF YOU’RE NOT IN A CALL!! This is not jewelry. If you’re talking on it, I understand there is some degree of functionality (for you). If you’re not talking on it, you just look like an idiot wearing it around! It doesn’t look cool! You look like a total freak, seriously! Why is it that you see so many people walking around with these things plugged in their ears, not saying a word? Why is it so hard to just take it off and stick it in your pocket when you’re not in a call? Huh? Huh? Huh? sheesh!

Okay, enough for tonight, I have to get up early!

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Posted by on March 28, 2006 in rants and raves


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