Rants & Raves Part 1: Wal Mart

20 Jan

This begins a series of rants about things I feel like ranting about. ..1: Wal Mart. Period. You know what I mean! I’m so frustrated with people, Wal Mart has shown me time and time again what jerks people are. It’s not Wal Mart, per se, it’s just that there must be some strange magnetic force that causes people to act the same as they do during full moon: like jerks. Examples, you say? Sure, I have loads.

Example ..1: First, today I got a boatload of groceries and I was carrying them to my car (actually the shopping cart was). I get my car loaded, then see that I’m two spaces from the cart holder thing. So, I meander over to it and put my cart there. After all, it’s only two spaces away. I’m walking back to my car and I see a cart in the space across from me. Someone unloaded it, then left it… TWO SPACES AWAY FROM THE CART COLLECTION THINGY!!!! Sheesh. That kind of stuff ticks me off. How lazy do you have to be?

Example .. 2. What’s the deal with people driving the wrong stinkin way down the one-way lanes in the parking lot. I’m driving along, seeing the rears of cars parked (note: that’s a sign you’re going the right way) and some dually Ford F-350 with a redneck-I-don’t-care-what-you-think-cause-I-have-a-big-truck-and-it-makes-me-feel-like-a-stud-even-though-I-probably-have-an-IQ-of-about-45 comes barrelling down the lane straight at me. I have to get as far over as I can to let him by (let me remind you he is going the wrong way) and he flips me off as if I’m doing something wrong!

Example .. 3. There are these lanes, beautifully designed, to checkout those who have 20 ITEMS OR LESS. There have been 3 instances of frustration for me in these lines, but I shall refrain and only tell of 2. The first involved a lady who had approx 43 items (not that I was counting and checked out in the 20 or less. She was an older lady and seemed mean as all get out. My grandma told me recently that if they’re mean when they are old, they were mean when they were young! I have to stand there forever while she unloads 43 (or so) items, and then give me a dirty look when I may have looked a bit impatient. Second instance: last week I went to the same 20 items or less line and a lady had 40 or so items in her cart. She unloaded twenty, paid for it, and then had her husband unload the rest, and pay for that. THAT’S CHEATING!!! Where is the justice in this world?

Example ..4: This is pretty petty, I concede. But there are 2 major pet peeves about traffic flow I have. First, stay on the right side of an aisle when traveling. I hate it that it seems like an LA Freeway trying to get through the stinkin store. Second, if you and your friend whom you haven’t seen last last week’s spittin contest want to chat, get out of the main aisles! I’m sick of having to say “excuse me” to get around a huddle of toothless people standing in the aisle and then, once again, get a dirty look as if it were I that had done something wrong!

Okay, that’s made my blood pressure shoot up, I had better stop talking about that! More later! I’d be interested in hearing about your experiences at Wal-Mart, either affirming or dissenting that it makes people act insane!

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