Wasted Time Part 2: What I Got Right

12 Feb

Well in my 20’s, I, like most others in this age range, bounced around a bunch, trying to find what I was good at, what I wanted to do, who I was, where I was going, etc. Here are some things I’m sure I got right in my 20’s…

  • Married the right girl!! (can’t emphasize the importance of this enough!) Yeah, I got married at 20, which is really young, but also sounds pretty cool, too! When I’m 60 I’ll have been married for 40 years! Did I mention my wife is hot?!!
  • Had 2 great kids!! My boys are the highlight of my life, honestly. They are both so smart and so much fun to hang with. I love watching them develop each stage!
  • Bought a house!! (okay, 2 houses, but the one we’re in right now, we’re not moving out of for a long, long time!)
  • Got a college degree!! (Got a BA in Communications, look ma, I did it!)
  • Started college again!! (working on my Master’s degree)
  • In my early 20’s, traveled all around the country (and in 1 foreign country, so that qualifies me to say all around the world) with some great people leading kids and adults in worship and teaching them about Jesus
  • spent most of my 20’s working in ministry
  • started the greatest job I’ve ever had and finally settled down
  • Began a wonderful journey of exploring the Word of God more than just enough to write a nice little message.
  • I’m sure there are other things I got right, I just can’t remember (you know my memory!). If some of you think of something that I did that was meaningful or good, please let me know!
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