Wasted Time Part 3: Not So Good…

12 Feb

Well I celebrate some great things in my 20’s, like marrying the right girl, having a couple of great kids, etc. There are, in fact, some things that I regret from my 20’s, things that I didn’t do so well on…

  • I spent way too much time chasing what I wanted to be instead of who God wanted me to be…
  • I spent way too much time on the road early in my marriage and early in our first son’s life
  • I spent way too much time worrying about what other people thought of me
  • I often invested in the wrong relationships in the hopes that they would somehow help me along in my career and life
  • Often chose to blame my character/personality flaws on “my childhood” or “that’s just how I am wired” instead of realizing I needed to fix them, and judge my behavior by the fruit of the Spirit rather than my own personality
  • Was unfocused so much of the time
  • Didn’t give my wife the time she deserved, wasted a lot of our time chasing projects that at the time seemed so important but in retrospect, I can’t really even remember them…
  • all of that sums up in this statement: “I didn’t put on the mind of Christ as the guide for all of my decisions and actions…”
  • The final one I will discuss at length in the next post…
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