Wasted Time Part 4: Not So Good Continued…

12 Feb

Okay, the final thing I wanted to comment on regarding areas I don’t think I did so good in during my 20’s (which, as I pointed out, are 9 months from being over)…

I realized that I have wasted about 10 years of my body’s prime time. What do I mean by that? I’ve spent the last 10 years being fat!!

Seriously, I have spent 1o years that I should have been in the best shape of my life, but rather being overweight. It’s not fair to my wife, it’s not fair to my boys, it’s not fair to my bed, my back, and it’s not fair to God. Why have I spent this many years wasting this great resource?

I’m sure those of you who are overweight can relate to my plight. I wasn’t always fat. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t overweight until after high school. It was just a little here and there. Annette and I were reflecting that when we got married, I wore a size 36 pants. Soon after, I “upgraded” to the comfort and luxury of a size 38 pant. Now, almost 10 years later, I went for broke and moved to a size 40 (which are snugging up on a regular basis). What a waste. All those years of hurting back… knees…feet. All that time slowly losing the spring in my step. Not getting on the floor with my son because I was embarrassed. Getting out of breath on stuff that didn’t use to make me tired. Making jokes about my weight. Hearing the sadness in my wife’s voice when she described what she had hoped I would look like… Why did I do this? Why did I waste those years?

I’m realizing that the patterns that put me in this situation affect every area of my life. Sluggish. Lazy. Procrastination.

NO MORE!! Tomorrow begins a new day, a 9-month journey towards a great decade of my 30’s.

So, why tomorrow? Well, the boys in the office have realized we all have a bit of pudge. I have considerably more than they do, but still, some chubby bellies amongst us. So, we decided to do something about it!! Have you seen that show, the Biggest Loser? Basically it’s about a bunch of guys and gals who go to a ranch, get trainers, work their tails off, and compete to lose weight. Essentially, we’re having a home-grown version of that, right here in Sherman, Texas!! Dennis, Frank, Drew, and I are meeting in the morning for our first weigh-in. We’re competing for 8 weeks, to see who can lose the highest percentage of fat (highest percentage of weight loss).

I’m going to win! Let me say that a bit louder: I’M GOING TO WIN!! My wife needs me to win, my kids need me to win, I need me to win. It’s on, I’m GOING FOR BROKE!! I’m going to work my tail off to get in shape, to change some habits in my life, to prepare to be thin, to be more organized, to do things right away and not put them off.

Oh, and by the way, I’m gonna try and win some $$$$!! I’m also entering the Body for Life challenge, a 12-week competition. We’ll see. I think I can WIN IT ALL!!

I’d appreciate your prayers, encouragement, and support. I’m on a mission to change my life!!

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