Day One 8:00 A.M.-9:00 A.M.

13 Feb

Day One began with the biggest, greasiest breakfast I think I’ve ever had. We met at Frank’s shack for a final eatapalooza, and boy did we stuff ourselves! Frank made scrambled eggs with cream cheese, toast, deer meat sausage, and other foods designed to make us fat and foggy-minded. We chatted for a bit over breakfast, then came the weigh in. It was an awkward moment indeed! We went into Frank’s bathroom, stripped to our boxers, and hopped on the scale. The rule was everyone had to see it. I refused to take my shirt off, so I got docked a pound for the shirt (I didn’t want to cause blindness in the other 3 guys).

Anyway, ate really well the rest of the day until evening. Annette and I had our Valentine’s Day dinner a day early (for scheduling reasons) and I admit I had Johnny Carino’s Chicken Scallopini (It’s something like 453 thousand calories) and Apple Skilletini for dessert (another half a million calories). So not good eating, but had proteins every meal but dinner and breakfast.


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