24 Apr

Hey folks!

I noticed my last post was March 28- almost a month ago…! The last month has absolutely been a whirlwind, do you have those? We had 4 easter services, with nearly a thousand adults in attendance!! I’ve had ComGroup activities the last several weeks in addition to that! For the kicker, I just finished 6 hours of graduate work 2 days ago!

Sometimes I think I must be crazy taking all of this on, but I do like being busy (okay, maybe not that busy!). I am more convinced than ever that I (and everyone I know, for that matter) need to do a better job organizing my schedule. I don’t want to be a stranger to my wife and kids. I want them to know me as Daddy and Husband first, and associated with the church second. I love how Craig Groeschel talks about that fact on a regular basis. SO important!

Well, I have 8 weeks of freedom. Going to read some books I’ve been wanting to catch up on, build my son a playhouse, take my family on a vacation, clean and paint my office, streamline my schedule, write some devotionals, plan my calendar (the best I can) for the rest of the year, meet with some folks, go to dinner with some folks I haven’t had time to meet up with, get back in the gym, eat right, etc. HOLY COW, going to be a busy 8 weeks!

Oh well, that’s just the way I like it!

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