Pop Culture, SNL, and the church

07 May

Well tonight like many I watched SNL in the 90’s. A bit disappointed that they didn’t show more clips of the actual sketches themselves, but it was kind of a fun trip down memory lane! I’ve already seen a couple of blog posts talking about it (it’s 10:30 pm so it’s only been a half hour since it went off. You can read Gary’s post here or Charles’ thoughts here (I bet in the morning several of our blogging friends will have things to say!

It’s amazing how sayings from TV affect pop culture. Remember so many of the phrases and gestures from SNL back in the 90’s made their way into pop culture. A lot of what people remember from the past few presidents actually came directly from the impersonators (think Darryl Hammond as President Clinton).

What can we learn from this regarding the church?

1. Media has a HUGE impact on our culture. We as pastors/churchfolk/believers can either condemn and stand to the side, or engage culture using lingo that they understand. Remember, Paul used things on Mars Hill from their culture to help open their eyes. I’m not saying we necessarily embrace everything that the modern world believes, but we’d better wake up and smell the roses!

2. Media has a huge impact on the people attending church. Now I’m not saying that we should use excessive amounts of video clips. One church I was on staff at one time used 5 clips from a silly tv show within the same sermon. A bit excessive! I’m just saying that maybe sometimes the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is something we can take to heart. Maybe if you’re speaking on helping the poor and oppressed, you could have pictures of people in sad conditions on the screen while you’re talking. Drive the message home. As Seth Godin says, don’t put the exact text that you’re saying on the screen, use something else to drive the point home. Get creative.

3. Most importantly, Adam Sandler and Chris Farley are friggin hilarious!


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Posted by on May 7, 2007 in church stuff, culture


One response to “Pop Culture, SNL, and the church

  1. d-mc

    May 7, 2007 at 3:53 am

    lucky you. our snl show kept getting interrupted by tornado coverage from 100 miles away.


    “…red hooded sweaaaaatshirt! shamalamadingdong…”


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