Your day off…

10 May

I’m doing some research for a little project I’m working on and thought I’d do a quick poll. This research is primarily targeted towards pastors and their day off. I’d love it if you’d answer the following questions (and thanks in advance):

1. How do you typically spend your day off?
2. What are some ways you’ve been able to creatively spend your day off?
3. Do you struggle throughout the week with the inability to stop thinking about work (church and ministry)? If so, how do you combat that and get your mind focused on family/other things?

I’d be interested in hearing anyone’s thoughts. I have a real hard time not thinking about church stuff and it seems like it’s an ongoing project, “it’ll slow down after easter” type stuff. Anyone else struggle to “turn it off”? Anyone else’s wife or husband ask “will you focus on us?” or “you’re with us, but your mind isn’t”.

Looking forward to you’re response.


Posted by on May 10, 2007 in busy, church stuff, health, time


2 responses to “Your day off…

  1. scott hodge

    May 10, 2007 at 9:37 pm

    i take mondays off and i pretty much suck at disconnecting from “ministry” on that day. it is slowly getting better and it helps tremendously when i keep my computer shut OFF. but then of course, the TREO starts buzzin’ like a hypie. on my day off i try to do something special w/ my girls. i usually take elise to……yes, you guessed it – STARBUCKS. she works on homework and i work on…….ummmmm…..crap.

  2. mark waltz

    May 10, 2007 at 11:35 pm

    I typically take Fridays off in the summer (my wife is off that day in the summer). During the school year, my day off will float between Fridays, Saturdays or another day our daughter is out of school.

    When I take the day off with them, it’s a big help. Over the past few years I’ve learned (with their help) to not check email and check my cell phone messages to assess urgency. It helps me to take my day off with them.

    They are usually my day off!


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