Dwight Schrute’s Blog

11 May

A lot of you guys and gals know the character Dwight Schrute from NBC’s The Office. Well tonight after watching it (the scene with Dwight on the hot coals is SO stinkin’ funny!!) I was digging on the web and ran across his blog… (not Rainn Wilson, but Dwight Schrute)

Pretty clever and funny! Here is the link. Here is a highlight…

When I die, here’s how I want my funeral.

I would like Michael Scott to fashion my coffin from Dunder Mifflin paper boxes and duct tape. My pillow will be the cushion from my chair (product # 497 –A8).

I want it to be 6’8” long and 3’ wide with ventilation holes in case I come back to life for some reason.


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