21 May

Yesterday Dennis was teaching in Acts. We’re doing a year-long survey of the New Testament (yes, there are breaks). I caught something he said that made me laugh and think how words and products infiltrate our culture.

He basically was saying Saturday night he spent some time g**gle-ing (I don’t want to spell out the name because I don’t want to get contacted by them saying it’s not a verb, it’s their brand (I read about this on someone’s blog a few months ago). It was a verb he used, obviously describing using a certain search engine to do some research about what he was talking about.

A few years ago I was a full-time recording engineer. We used a program called Pro Tools, and constantly we said and heard others in the field say something like “we’ll just Pro-tools it” (meaning use Pro Tools to edit, mix, clean it up, etc).

It makes me think of our churches and the impact we have on the community. What brand do we leave with our community? Are we the big attractional church? Are we the big missional church? Are we the small inward-looking church? If someone were to say “we’ll just x it (with x being the name of your church)”, what does that mean? What does that look like?

I’ve been wrestling with this in my own mind. Does our Sunday service experience constitute being the church? Do our small groups? Do our outreach opportunities? What is our DNA, our core, our inner make up? How is that fleshed out? I know these are questions every church has to wrestle with, but it’s exciting finding that balance.

Maybe the word church should be changed to a verb.


One response to “g**gled

  1. Scott

    May 22, 2007 at 2:44 am

    Your thoughts remind me of those who talk about “being church.”

    When you read the scriptures, most references refer to some sort of action – meeting together, serving, take care of others, discipling, etc…

    Seems like maybe it was meant to be a verb from the beginning, but somewhere along the way we made it a noun.


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