Perry Noble and detecting a theme…

21 May

I was reading this great post, and it seems like I’ve detected a theme… Perry Noble wrote this great post talking about the guys he works with. It’s sort of a sentimental “I appreciate you” type post, and I think every senior pastor needs to read it and think about his relationships with his staff. Perry talked about each guy with fondness and even remembered where they were at when he invited them on staff. It really blessed me to see him praising his guys and it’s obvious he’s invested in each one.

Anyway, I noticed this theme. See if you can pick it out. He said some common things to each guy…

  • “I remember asking you to come on staff–we were at Ruby Tuesday…and you accepted the job that night…”
  • “I remember the night I asked you to come on board–we were at Cracker Barrel…”
  • “I remember the night at Texas Roadhouse…”

Anyone detect a theme? Just wondering!

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Posted by on May 21, 2007 in health, random stuff


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