Is it a sin to turn your cell phone off?

06 Jun

Well this past week I was on vacation and I tried a little experiment: leaving my cell phone in my bag and not using it at all. I succeeded to go from Sunday till Friday with I think only 1 turning-on because I needed to call home or something. The rest of the time I left it in my bag on silent or off.

This was so freeing. It was so nice not being a slave to that thing. My wife commented that it made vacation so much better not having to hear my phone go off or me have to answer 20 calls a day. Even when I set some boundaries and leave it on silent for x amount of time, I feel like so much of my life revolves around using my phone. It would be different if I had a cool phone like the iPhone, but on my pile it’s reduced to just answering other people’s calls.

How about you? What’s the longest you were able to go without using your phone? Do you feel like you can set boundaries and say “I’m spending time with my family tonight, therefore I’m putting it on silent for a few hours” without fear of getting chewed out by someone? What’s your experience?


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