Professional Theorists…

06 Jun

My new friend John Atkinson and I had a conversation last week and part of it touched on guys that write nice books and have nice theories about church work but aren’t really in the trenches doing it. You know what I’m talking about guys, don’t you? Professional talker-uppers who aren’t doers. We talked about guys we like to read like Ed Stetzer , who is not only a great writer/researcher, but also a practitioner (Ed if you ever read this I’d love to meet you sometime, I think you’re brilliant). Or I think of my pastor’s brother, Daniel Henderson, who not only speaks and writes on prayer, he’s a practitioner. Or my friend Joel Comiskey, who I consider to be one of the premier practitioners of cell churches/cell groups. The guy has researched like nobody I know, but he doesn’t publish books just based on some research, he’s been there. Was in Ecuador church planting for 11 years. That’s real stuff.

Anyway, I saw a post today on Tony McCollum’s blog that I think is worth the read. It’s called “Professional Theorists”. It’s towards church planters really, but it’s applicable to all of us. How many books do we read and talk the talk and have all of the lingo but aren’t really out there, in the trenches, getting crazy about what our mission is and going for it all?

Take a sec and read this post!


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