Trust takes time…

13 Jun
Mark Batterson was recently on a podcast with Rick Warren, and man you need to check it out.  They were talking about being vulnerable and humble as a pastor, showing vulnerability, etc.  Mark had some great things to say in the midst of some pretty funny technical issues, he was very transparent and seems like a guy I’d want to hang with for sure.
Rick Warren is the man… he had a great quote worth repeating, living, owning :
“Before there can be truth, there has to be trust.  You have to build the trust in order to share the truth, and that takes time.”  Wow.  Seriously this is common sense but has such great implications.  I don’t know that the one-off “you need Jesus” talks are working too well anymore.  I’m wrestling with that.  I know for me personally I want to build relationships with people before I attempt to speak truth into their lives.  How often do we want to short-circuit the trust-building process in relationships and go for the easy kill?  Usually if a leader comes and says they are having trouble getting through to someone they are leading, you could ask them how much they are really investing in the relationship.  Have they built the relational equity to have a venue to speak truth into someone’s life?
How about you?  Is there some relationship that you’re trying to share truth but haven’t built the relational equity to do it?  How’s that working for you?  What examples can you see in your life where taking the time to build trust in a relationship opens the door for you to speak truth?  
How do we share the truth of Christ?  Is it worth the long-term, marathon investment rather than the short-term sprint?  Can both work?  What do you think?
To listen to the podcast, click here

One response to “Trust takes time…

  1. chilly

    June 13, 2007 at 10:17 pm

    I listened to the same podcast – great stuff. And, yeah, I’ve got to hang with Mark once … very cool, down-to-earth, guy.

    sorry about previous post (removed) – it was all scrambled – must stop typing with feet!


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