God is watching over you…

14 Jun

I was sitting in a creative planning time today with some fellow staff folks and my assistant Casey took this photo… I thought it was kinda interesting.  Here are her observations:

  • I have my new glasses on
  • I look deep in thought
  • I’m using a Mac notebook
  • I’m sitting on a leather couch
  • I’m healthy because I’m drinking water (see comment on fatness below)
  • Finally, the Lord is watching over me (that painting was painted during our Easter service, btw… a very artistic gal in our church painted them while Dennis spoke… I have one in my office too)
my observations:

  • I like the color on the wall (maybe because my wall is that same color)
  • I really like those shoes I’m wearing but I saw a pair on one of our guitar players Sunday that I totally want 
  • I hate this shirt but all of my fav shirts are at the cleaner’s
  • Last one reminded me to go pick up clothes at the cleaners
  • there is a crease in my shirt between that area of the body known as the pecs and the belly
  • this is due to the belly protruding a distance less than desirable
  • I saw pics of myself 10 years ago and that was not the case
  • I’m going to sign up for the gym today after work… hope I get some encouragement to de-fat myself (like Perry Noble talks about here and here…)
  • I wish I had a leather couch like that in my office…

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Posted by on June 14, 2007 in fitness, ministry, random stuff


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