Joshua’s Crossing

17 Jun

I had the privilege this morning of speaking at another church here in town called Joshua’s Crossing.  They are a cool church plant, maybe 3 years old-ish, and they are doing some really cool things over there.  One of my personal core values and a heartbeat of our church is working with and supporting other churches, so when they called and asked me to speak I was very happy to do so.

The first service my mic wasn’t working (which was a great introduction) so I had to use a hand-held (which is really awkward for me) but the second service went really well.  God showed up this morning and I was just blown away.  I had a great time speaking and sharing, and several people came up to me and shared a bit about their lives and what they had been through, or how some part of what I said really touched them.  I love hearing others share about their lives, it’s the best part.
The guy leading worship was 18 and is better now than I ever was when I led worship and people were crazy enough to pay me.  I had a great chat with him and hope he goes far in ministry and life.  The band just did great!  They did a song called Rescue that I think was by Desperation Band that really touched me so I had them do it at the end of the service as well.  I was really blessed to see people encountering God.  It was a great morning!

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