iPhone Craziness and a lil’ bit o’ depression…

29 Jun

So Pam Sanza (our worship pastor Frank’s wife and by far the smarter and hipper of the two)) is one notch behind me as a machead.  I’ve wanted this iPhone since it was announced… but have been unable to raise needed capital.  She must have sold drugs or something, she is first in line at our local AT&T store.  Keep in mind, this is a small town so it’s not some beautiful Apple store or anything like that, but there are already people in line waiting (and this before 10:00 a.m.)!!

The story of the day from here is that some guy is paying 8 Hispanic workers $7 an hour to sit in line waiting for phones for his employees to get one.  That’s pure craziness!! Who would have thought that in the midst of lil Sherman, Texas.
Our church administrator is getting one as well.  I’m the one who is a macfreak above anyone around here.  They’re the ones with the dough.  I’m a little bit depressed.  Maybe they should buy a brother a phone 🙂

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