the Jesus Factory

09 Jul

Lately I’ve wrestling a bit with the concept of Spiritual Formation, Church Membership, etc. We’re trying to tidy up a bit how we do church, to be more intentional and effective at what we do, and have the things that we do all be streamlined, meaning that they work together instead of competing with one another. How can our Small Groups and Membership Class and other things all contribute to the Spiritual Formation of our members? What is Spiritual Formation, anyway, and why do so many people have so many ideas of what it is and how it’s best done? I know I’m not the only one thinking through these things. I feel like sometimes I’m looking for this little “Jesus Factory” where I can run everyone through it and they’ll come out on the other side a missional, Christ-centered person. I know it’s a bit more organic than that. But I think we have a tendency to get busy in ministry and to look for shortcuts to success because we have so much on our plate. I know I do. I hate that.

Mark Waltz has a post that you need to go read right now. Here is the link. He discusses Spiritual Formation a bit with some good thoughts that will meet you right where you are…

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