How we do church…

08 Aug

Man I just gotta point to Steven Furtick’s blog… he has a post today that I have to give a hearty amen to.  We have a tendency to think the way we do church, or Northpoint, or Fellowship, or Lifechurch, or fill-in-the-blank church, is THE way God ordained.  But there are many ways, and I celebrate the different ways God uses churches to reach different people.  

My fav quote from his post is this: 
God does not bless one style, one model, one program, one methodology…

He blesses one message: His Gospel. In a variety of styles, models, and formats.”

Amen to that, honestly.  Celebrate diversity of style, model, and format, celebrate creativity, with ONE MESSAGE!!

Thanks Steven for saying what a lot of us were thinking!

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