Post #100 – A Prayer for Our Church…

10 Sep

It’s hard to believe I’ve plucked on my keyboard 100 times… it’s not much compared to some but a whole lot compared to others (like my pastor, who, although he is the greatest pastor I’ve ever worked for, calls blogging “a bunch of guys keeping an online diary”).

I want to take this opportunity to share a prayer with you that I think will blow you away. Last night our church community read it corporately at our monthly prayer and worship service (7:14). It really gripped me, and I’d love to share it with you here. If you’re a pastor, this is what you want your church to feel and be. If you’re a church member, this should be your prayer. And if you’re not a follower of Christ but you know people who are, this is who those folks should be.

This is from John Piper’s book, “Taste and See” and is called “A Prayer for Our Church”. Let me know your thoughts…

A Prayer for our Church
Oh, Lord, by the truth of Your Word, and the power of your Spirit and the ministry of your body, build men and women at (name of your church here)…
Who don’t love the world more than God,
who don’t care if they make much money,
who don’t care if they own a house,
who don’t care if they have a new car or two cars,
who don’t need recent styles, 
who don’t care if they get famous,
who don’t miss steak or fancy fare,
who don’t expect that life should be comfortable and easy,
who don’t feed their minds on TV each night, 
who don’t measure truth with their finger in the wind,
who don’t get paralyzed by others’ disapproval,
who don’t return evil for evil,
who don’t hold grudges,
who don’t gossip,
who don’t twist the truth,
who don’t brag or boast,
who don’t whine or use body language to get pity,
who don’t criticize more than praise,
who don’t hang out in cliques,
who don’t eat too much or exercise too little;
who are ablaze for God,
who are utterly God-besotted,
who are filled with the Holy Spirit,
who strive to know the height and depth of Christ’s love,
who are crucified to the world and dad to sin,
who are purified by the Word and addicted to righteousness,
who are mighty in memorizing and using the Scriptures,
who keep the Lord’s Day holy and refreshing,
who are broken by the consciousness of sin,
who are thrilled by the wonder of free grace,
who are stunned into humble silence by the riches of God’s glory,
who are persevering constantly in prayer,
who are ruthless in self-denial,
who are fearless in public witness to Christ’s lordship,
who are able to unmask error and blow away doctrinal haze,
who are tough in standing for the truth,
who are tender in touching hurting people,
who are passionate about reaching the peoples who have no church,
who are pro-life for the sake of babies and moms and dads and the glory of God,
who are keepers of all their promises, including marriage vows,
who are content with what they have and trusting the promises of God,
who are patient and kind and meek when life is hard.

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2 responses to “Post #100 – A Prayer for Our Church…


    September 11, 2007 at 4:36 am

    hey-i’ll have to give you a call next week.this is our busiest week of the year.


  2. Laura

    September 11, 2007 at 4:39 am

    I had the same reaction… and posted the prayer to my online journal, too. (I can’t call it a “blog” as its beginning pre-dated the term.) Speaking of that, I’ve been writing in my online journal since I found out I was expecting Daphne, and she’ll be six in November. So I’m guessing I have more than 2k entries, easy. My site doesn’t keep tabs, nor does it log time spent online. Good thing. It’s probably pathetic.


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