I’m Done With Pro Tools…

16 Sep

This post probably only is relevant to me but I’m writing it to get these thoughts out of my head. I can do that.  It’s MY blog!! 🙂

Okay, so Apple (you know I love Apple) just released Logic Studio… including Logic Pro 8.  
If you’re into music and want to produce music in a sweet way, check it out!  I’m producing an album (actually a 5-song EP) for a very talented band, and using both Pro Tools and Logic Pro 7 (most recording in PT, editing and mixing in Logic, although the new Logic replaces my need to record in PT).  There are just several things I wish Logic did that I can do easily in Pro Tools.  Overall though, I just love Logic more.  More elegant, faster, better plugins, more powerful for composition, etc.  And my not-so-secret dream is to “make it” as a songwriter so I need good tools.  So Logic Studio is out… and I had a chance to play with it Friday at the Apple Store… oh man, it’s already going to save me hours and hours of editing time…. I plan to send mixes to at least two songs before I leave next weekend for Chicago…  hopefully the speed increase will allow me to do that.
Okay, just the inner geek in me speaking out.  As they say, a man loves his tools.
By the way, I’m going to be selling my M-Box2 Mini if you know anyone interested!!  I’m done with Pro Tools.

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