Conversations and celebrations…

19 Oct

I had a couple who lead a Community Group over for dinner tonight, and I had a great time.  It reminded me how much I love hanging out with people.  We had great discussion about missions. They used to live in Italy, and have a huge heart for missions.

I’m so excited about what God is doing in the midst of our church community.  We’re relocating to a new property, but the most exciting part is that we’re using this opportunity to invest in the kingdom of God around the world, including some work in Italy, India, Mexico, and even locally. It’s great hearing people excited about these opportunities.  It’s a big step of faith in a sense, it could be a risky move (after all, why not put every penny into a building?) but we’re heading the direction we feel led to go.  We celebrate what God is doing, and are blessed to partner with Him!  That’s the best direction to go, by the way, the one you feel God is moving in.  
I love good conversation.  I love hearing others respond to the move of God that we get to be a part of.  Especially when 80% of churches in the country are leveling out or declining, it’s amazing to be a place where we’re in the 20% minority and this church is growing.  We had 21 first-time guests this past Sunday.   I love what I’m getting (privileged) to do, and the direction we the leadership team feel God is drawing us.  I love that we’re stepping out and attempting to follow the heart of God.
Steven Furtick had a great post on stewardship this morning.  He basically said we are called to risk as stewards of our church communities.  Here are a couple of quotes:
  • Is it possible that in the name of good stewardship, some churches never get out into the realm of faith, putting themselves in a position where God has to come through?  Is it possible that the churches to be commended as the “best stewards” aren’t the ones sitting around with a 57 year old trust fund earning interest that eliminates any need for God’s help?  Or the churches who refuse to spend money to enter the modern age and do ministry with excellence because “it’s not good stewardship”?”
  • “Good stewardship requires wise decision making, to be sure.
    And there’s a fine line between faith and foolishness.
    But good stewardship also requires aggressive risk taking.”
Those are great thoughts.  I’m blessed to be at a place where a team of leaders have sought God, are led by a great leader, and are stepping out and moving forward.  God, may we never take for granted You moving in our midst!

How about you?  How is your community seeking God and attempting to risk it all for the Kingdom of God?  
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One response to “Conversations and celebrations…

  1. ted

    October 19, 2007 at 3:37 pm

    great post!

    yes, it would be funny to do a weekly rewind for “the office.”



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