23 Oct

Craig Groeschel had a post today that really gripped me and thought I’d share it with you.  

He shares of a time when things were especially busy in his life and he called his young daughter to tell her he was working late and wouldn’t be home before she went to bed.  He promised that he’d wake her when he got home and give her a good night kiss.  Here was her reply:

  • Catie innocently said, “Daddy, this is not your home. You live at the office.”

Wow.  How often we forsake our families for our jobs, hobbies, etc.  I know because I’ve struggled with this.  I’m on a mission to learn to balance my life.  It’s a tough, long, never-ending mission.  Do you struggle with this balance?  Does it all seem like it’s hanging by a thread?

I’m blessed to see that Craig changed his habits immediately… how about you, what do you need to change immediately?

Read it here.
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Posted by on October 23, 2007 in other blogs, random stuff


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