Big Win For Our Team…

25 Oct

We had a big win for our team today.  I’ll tell you about that in a sec.

We launched a new ministry team this past Sunday.  It is an assimilation team, a team that helps new guests get connected.  They work at “The Hub”, our info booth, as well as welcome callers, giving each new guest a buzz to say thanks for coming and fielding any questions the guest may have.  They worked “The Hub” for the first time Sunday, and started making their calls last week. So far they are doing an outstanding job (go team, if any of you are reading this!)
Anyway, that was a big win, a successful launch.  But today we got a super-sweet package in the mail (not like the super-sweet package I’ll get tomorrow in the mail, but still good!) that had me and my assistant Casey fired up.  She designed a welcome packet for our guests and a whole slew of print media, and all of the print media came in today.  It’s a big step forward for us in how we interface with our guests in the sense of the quality of the print stuff we’re putting out. A great guy in our church who owns a print shop printed them and he did a great job (Dave, if you read this, thanks again).  Heavy cardstock, perforated tear-offs for response, etc.  We’re so excited!  Today was a big win because it represents another step forward.  We have a great team, some people really excited about helping guests connect, and the print stuff today is a great tool for them, and I’m looking forward to their reaction Sunday when they see it!!  I’ll give them any tool I can to help them do a great job.  I am so blessed to work with such a great team (more about our Community Group leaders, greeters, ushers, and parking guys in a future post).  Kudos to Casey for a great design effort as well (and recruiting, training, etc)!
We’re trying to put our best foot forward.  We want guests to know that we’ll go all-out for them.  We’ll do anything short of the red carpet (which we DO roll out at our volunteer celebration) to help people get plugged in and know they are worth it, even top-notch, high-quality print materials.  
How about you?  What is your church doing to greet guests and help them feel connected?  Let me know, I’d love to steal your ideas!
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