Working together…

14 Jan

I read recently someone on a blog (maybe Craig Groeschel or someone on his blog?) talking about how they believed that the future of the church is to work together more.  I believe there is some serious truth to that.  I think I am seeing trends of churches working together in unprecedented ways.  I’ve heard about it from people all around the country.

Tonight I got the privilege of worshiping with 4 different churches from our community at our monthly prayer/worship gathering.  We invited 3 other churches and they came and we prayed and worshipped!  It was a great sight to see.  The room was packed, and people were praying with others from different congregations.  What a great thing.  We are working with other churches for Kingdom business in many different ways .  And my pastor prays with several other area pastors every Thursday morning.
I’d love to hear your story of how your church or another church is partnering in some way or fashion to accomplish some Kingdom business.  Post a comment and let me know.  There IS strength in numbers.  I am blessed!
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Posted by on January 14, 2008 in ministry


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