A Great Investment

22 Jan

Who are you pouring into?  I have a core conviction that if you are a church leader or even just a Christ-follower, you have a responsibility to invest in other people, leading others to Christ and helping to develop them to spiritual maturity so that they begin investing in other people.

One of my small group coaches (who is a physician) sent me a note that I thought was well worth posting for your viewing and hopefully will provoke you to consider grabbing a couple of guys or gals in your ministry area and discipling them and watching them have even greater impact.  This year we are encouraging our group leaders to pour into a couple of people in their group, not just so we can multiply the group (although that’s very important) but so we can be a reproducing disciple of Christ.  There’s just something mysterious about the level of spiritual maturity you will achieve when you begin leading/training/discipling others.  Thoughts?

We had an adage back in my medical training:  when it comes to performing simple medical procedures you should, ‘watch one, do one, teach one’.  Meaning, carefully observe how it works, perform yourself at a high level, then exhibit your proficiency by teaching others.
In the small group situation, that is the same as, ‘ be in a group, lead a group, teach others how to lead a group’.   I’ve have found myself pushed to a much deeper level of spiritual maturity by having to facilitate a group.  I should have the desire to give all my members that same opportunity to ‘grow by leading’.  Then when old members leave my group to start their own, I’ll get new members and I’ll be pushed ever deeper into spiritual maturity.

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Posted by on January 22, 2008 in ministry


One response to “A Great Investment

  1. drdm

    January 23, 2008 at 12:49 am

    A brilliant insight by your doctor friend!! If only all doctors were as sharp as he is.


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