Pastor Steve Jobs

03 Apr

Great post this morn from Bobby Gruenewald over at  You guys know I’m an Apple freak and his post marries the best of both worlds: the Church and Apple.  What would the church that Steve Jobs ran be like?  Here are my favorites from his list:

  1. Incredible imagery would display behind Pastor Jobs as he demonstrated the iJesus and invited everyone to demo it immediately.
  2. Everyone would be twittering as they were amazed by the iJesus…“I have to have that!” and “That changes everything!” would cross the twitterfeed.
  3. Everyone would have an iPod with their own worship playlist (and if you’re new, one would be provided to you at the door).
  4. Everyone with an iPod—earbuds in…would press play and simultaneously begin singing different songs (but no one would care, because you couldn’t hear everyone else and they couldn’t hear you…sing away!)
You can read the rest of his post here
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Posted by on April 3, 2008 in apple stuff, church stuff, ministry


One response to “Pastor Steve Jobs

  1. Daniel (Palluxo! Editor)

    April 6, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    iMac Pastor Steve Jobs, lol.
    The guy is worth 15 billion dollars and yet he pays himself $1 annually to avoid being taxed…



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