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Pop Goes The Church #1

I’m previewing a new book that Tim Stevens is writing called Pop Goes The Church.  I actually will finish it by the end of the day tomorrow.  It’s gripping me and although it disturbs me where we are as a society, he does an excellent job of laying a foundation for the reality of influence popular culture has on each succeeding generation.  This isn’t just another “sell out and bring pop culture into the church- it’s the only way to reach people” book, it’s an honest assessment of language, of “cultural exegesis”, as Kevin Vanhoozer might say.  Tim seems to really marry a passion for what the local church can be with a desire to truly understand the language he must speak to help those far from Christ take their next step towards Christ.  It’s a powerful combination that I believe will impact many many people.  I’m already being challenged to grab every opportunity I can to help my team  grasp the concepts in this book, wrestle with them, and implement!

There are so many quotes I’d love to share with you, but you’ll have to wait and read the book.  I will say that this is one of those books that I believe is a must-read for any pastor, lay leader, or simply someone who wants to share about Jesus with their friends.  I’ll be giving a more complete review soon, but for now, right now, stop and put this book on your “gotta get as soon as it comes out” list!
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Posted by on January 30, 2008 in books, ministry, random stuff