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Big Weekend

Just got back from the gym.  It’s all quiet in my house, everyone is asleep.  I’m thinking about this weekend, and now I’m getting pretty excited!

The band has been rehearsing, Dennis has been working on his talk, we’ve scheduled volunteers, planned, prayed, invited.  Now it’s a matter of waiting until tonight at 7pm when we officially kick off the Easter Weekend and it’s 6 services.  I’m so excited to see what this weekend will bring.  Our people will bring their friends.  Many who never attend church will attend for the first time.  I hope they meet Christ this weekend.
If you live near Sherman, Texas, I’d love it if you’d be my guest this weekend!  Here are the service times:
  • Friday at 7:00pm
  • Saturday at 7:00pm
  • Sunday at 8:45am
  • Sunday at 10:10am
  • Sunday at 11:30am
  • Sunday night at 6pm at our Joshua’s Crossing location
What a time to consider Christ, His sacrifice and resurrection, and join with the community of believers to celebrate a great Savior who is Mighty to Save.
What is your church doing for Easter?

Selling my whole life…

How many of you have ever wished you could trade your entire life for another?

I saw this story yesterday about a guy who, after a divorce, is selling his entire life- including his house and everything in it (including his car, motorcycle, etc), his job, and even his friends.  He plans to walk away, hop on a plane, and see where it takes him.
I know so  many people are broken, wounded, empty, and they’d give anything to trade their life in on a new one.  They try every way they can think of to do that… every Friday night they are at the local bar attempting to use a drink to trade their life… a girl sleeps with a guy she knows doesn’t love her attempting to reach that other life… a middle-aged man leaves his wife and kids who love him dearly for a young gal he met at the office- trying to be happy, to find his place in life…
Easter is this weekend.  It’s the weekend of the year people far from God are most likely to come to your church.  Are you ready?  Can you handle the broken, the wounded, the needy? Will you do a “nice Easter service” and pat each other on the back that you pulled off “another Easter” or will you be prepared to engage everyone, to make sure they don’t get lost in the cracks?  Remember Jesus’ words when He said “I didn’t come to save the righteous but to save that which is lost.”  
People far from God often would give anything to trade their life for something better.  There’s only one life that’s better than any other- the life as a Christ-follower.  Will you do your part to help them make that trade this week?
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