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I think my prayers are working!

Tonight my 6-year old prayed for our 1-year old (who has been throwing up and has some sort of stomach thing).  He prayed last night and again tonight when we prayed together as a family.

Afterwards he said “I need to pray one more thing.”  Here’s what he said:
“Jesus, I think my prayers are working.”
It’s so amazing to watch a 6 year old with the faith of a mustard seed.  Knowing that God hears him when he prays.  I’d venture to say most adults aren’t convinced that God hears them when they pray.  
When Jesus said “when you pray, pray like this…” (Matt 6:9) I don’t think He meant that it was a nice exercise in futility.   I think He meant that God Himself hears our heart when we express our needs to Him, and like a loving Father desires to take care of us.
Oh to have faith like a child…
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my hard drive went to be with Jesus…

hello friends…

It is with sadness (and quite a bit of irritation) that I inform you that last night at approximately 10:00 p.m. my hard drive in my MacBook went to be with Jesus.  It was only 5 months old.  It will be missed (as well as my data).
I cannot express the loss that I feel at this time.  Some important data has been lost that cannot be retrieved.
Please be in prayer for my family as I struggle through this difficult time.  I am sure to be grumpy as I rebuild my laptop data from various sources, and as I mourn the loss of data.  I’m sure I’ll remember over time more and more stuff that was lost.  
Thanks for your support and condolences.  I’m grateful.  Please be in prayer that the Apple Store has a replacement hard drive in stock…


You know those people that seem to have everything figured out?  You know, the ones who know exactly what they are supposed to do every step of the way in their lives?  The ones who know every next step and follow “the plan” precisely?

That’s not me.  I have spent most of my life uncomfortable.  I think anytime I start feeling comfortable I do something to insert chaos into the equation.  Maybe it keeps it lively.  Maybe it keeps things interesting.  Maybe it’s immaturity.  Call it what you will.
I envy my friends that work the same job for 10-15 years.  That have great stability.  That walk out of meetings and don’t second-guess what they said, don’t over-analyze every conversation.  I envy the ones that seem to say the right things at all the right times.  The ones who are able to speak well at both services and not just the second one.
I’m glad I’m who I am.  I’m glad I’m who God made me to be.  But I’m one of those people that lay in bed at night and can’t sleep, thinking about my next step, how I can be better at what I do, how I can honor those in authority over me better, how I can be a better husband and father, better lover of God, etc.  For what it’s worth I went to bed an hour or more ago.  I’m up again.
I sometimes think I wish I were more content with everything.  But in my heart I know God has wired me this way to spur change when necessary, both in me and in those around me.  I know He uses me in ways I can’t imagine.  I wish I could be content with that!
How about you?  Are you unsettled?  Are you discontent?  Why do you think that is?  What do you need to change and why?

Joshua’s Crossing

I had the privilege this morning of speaking at another church here in town called Joshua’s Crossing.  They are a cool church plant, maybe 3 years old-ish, and they are doing some really cool things over there.  One of my personal core values and a heartbeat of our church is working with and supporting other churches, so when they called and asked me to speak I was very happy to do so.

The first service my mic wasn’t working (which was a great introduction) so I had to use a hand-held (which is really awkward for me) but the second service went really well.  God showed up this morning and I was just blown away.  I had a great time speaking and sharing, and several people came up to me and shared a bit about their lives and what they had been through, or how some part of what I said really touched them.  I love hearing others share about their lives, it’s the best part.
The guy leading worship was 18 and is better now than I ever was when I led worship and people were crazy enough to pay me.  I had a great chat with him and hope he goes far in ministry and life.  The band just did great!  They did a song called Rescue that I think was by Desperation Band that really touched me so I had them do it at the end of the service as well.  I was really blessed to see people encountering God.  It was a great morning!

It’s time

a few months ago on here I mentioned I was going to start a new workout (new as in actually start working out).  But that petered out quick.  Things at the church were 90-nothing (always are, that’s a good thing) and I was taking 6 hours of graduate coursework.

But it’s time.  I’m tired of being fat.  It’s been 10 years since I got fat.  I’m tired of the way I feel.  I’m tired of the way I look.  And I’m tired of not being able to take my shirt off at the beach 🙂
Seriously though.  Tomorrow, I’m going to the gym and getting a membership.  I’m gonna start with some healthy stuff this weekend, heading towards Monday where it’s go-time.  Protein shakes, chicken breasts, weights 3x a week, cardio 3x a week,gazelle-intense as Dave Ramsey would say.  I’ve been working very hard at getting some thing organized in my life and I’m really ready to go.
I hate asking for help but I thought if I posted here and you guys checked on me there’s no going back.  So would you help encourage me?  Pray for me that I’ll be dedicated, focused, gazelle-intense.  That my wife will get the husband she’s wanted for a long time.  
I’ll post updates as I go, looking forward to the new me!

The View

No, I’m not writing a post about Rosie O’Donnell and that argument with Elizabeth Hasselbeck or whatever her name is. Not talking about Barbara Walters either.

No, I wanted to share with you a couple of views from vacation.
The first was an amazing view. It had just rained so the beach actually looks kinda muggy but it actually turned out pretty beautiful the rest of the week. This view is from the balcony of our hotel room.This was a really great view, at night you could see ships passing by, and occasionally see a couple strolling, holding hands as they walked down the beach together. The breeze from the ocean was just amazing and a just a great place to be. The view in the morning was gorgeous.

All of that, and I found a view on vacation that I thought was even more precious than the ocean and it’s beauty…

Yes, that’s my son Brayden. He’s leaning on my knee, taking a break from me feeding him one night in the hotel room. I thought to myself how special it was that I got to have two amazing boys to invest my life in, and that even though the ocean was beautiful, seriously the way he looked at me far surpassed the ocean. I don’t know what they are thinking at that age but they just seem to be glad to be with you and I was glad to be with them. Now that’s a good view!
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Is it a sin to turn your cell phone off?

Well this past week I was on vacation and I tried a little experiment: leaving my cell phone in my bag and not using it at all. I succeeded to go from Sunday till Friday with I think only 1 turning-on because I needed to call home or something. The rest of the time I left it in my bag on silent or off.

This was so freeing. It was so nice not being a slave to that thing. My wife commented that it made vacation so much better not having to hear my phone go off or me have to answer 20 calls a day. Even when I set some boundaries and leave it on silent for x amount of time, I feel like so much of my life revolves around using my phone. It would be different if I had a cool phone like the iPhone, but on my pile it’s reduced to just answering other people’s calls.

How about you? What’s the longest you were able to go without using your phone? Do you feel like you can set boundaries and say “I’m spending time with my family tonight, therefore I’m putting it on silent for a few hours” without fear of getting chewed out by someone? What’s your experience?