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Texas BBQ

I gotta love me some good ole Texas BBQ…  if you’ve never had it you’re missing out for sure!There’s a place in town here that I think is the best… Cackle and Oink (seriously, that’s the name)… So we rolled through there the other night and I saw something on the menu that made me laugh, and so I took a pic and thought I’d share it with you…

Can you find it?  It’s like the 7th thing down on the list… post a comment with your thoughts on exactly what that is and if it made you laugh!  First one to find it wins this prize: I will think of you next time I eat me some Cackle and Oink!!

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30×30 Feedback

as I’m thinking through my 30×30 campaign (if you don’t know what that is see here and here), I’m thinking that you or someone you know could stand to be encouraged during this time.

How many of you want to lose some weight the next few months? Post a comment and tell us your goals and what you’d like to see happen the next few weeks.

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30×30 update…

Hey friends, here is a quick video update about my 30×30 campaign.  If you haven’t read about it yet, you might want to get up to speed here…  Tell your friends.  Send a note… encouragement good!! Fat-bad!!

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I’ve tried and tried the past couple of years to get in the gym, change the way I eat, and lose some stinkin weight.  I’ve started well a few times, but something has come up (like the Chinese buffett!!).  It’s a sickening feeling to think that I’ve been fat for 10 years.  10 years, folks!!  My whole 20’s, spent overweight, out of shape, and miserable.

I have an idea, and I need your help.  I have an idea called 30 by 30.  In 3 months, I turn 30 years old.  I think I can lose 10 pounds a month, therefore, I can lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday.  It can happen.  We joined the gym for 3 months as a family.  There’s no reason we shouldn’t go.  
Starting Monday, I’m gonna try to eat right and be in the gym a minimum of 3 times a week.  I need to do this.  My wife needs me to do this.  My boys need me to do this.  They need me to be around for a long time.  My church needs me to do this.  Finally, if my body truly is the temple of the Holy Spirit, I need to honor that.
So I need your help.  I need your encouragement, it really keeps me going.  And I need some creative ideas as to how to keep this campaign in front of me every day.  Some ideas how not to stall out.  Some ideas as to how to market this thing so that I have a huge network of accountability.  I’ll post pics of my progress, etc.  
Send your ideas over.  And if you get freak super bored, you can even say a prayer for me.  That I will be committed.  That I’ll take this seriously.  That I’ll succeed.  I will, I will!
Thanks in advance!

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Every Man needs to read this post…

Tim Stevens shares a dilemma he’s facing over on his blog.  He’s about to see a great friend and fellow blogger, Tony Morgan, for the first time in a long time, and Tony’s a known hugaphobe… so the dilemma is, does he hug Tony or not?

Someone thankfully sent him a link to a YouTube video that is basically a tutorial on How to Give a Good Man-Hug…  
This is a dilemma we have all faced, so thanks Tim for sharing your journey, let us know how it goes!!
Tim’s original post is here… and the followup is here…  and the video is here

Don’t Touch My Brain

I remember either reading something or seeing it on one of those shows where they are doing brain surgery where they said that if you touch a certain part of the brain (obviously a surgeon) that the recipient of the touch has a feeling that God is in the room.  I can’t explain it but it sounds plausible.  I think it was trying to give explanation to out-of-body experiences.

Point?  Not one.  I am just writing and the Ambien is starting to kick in (yes, I have had trouble sleeping for years, since I was a kid, actually).  It seems to make me feel more positive or spiritual or appreciate spritual talk or something like that.  
Okay, I’m having trouble typing at this point.  Have fun, kids!

It’s time

a few months ago on here I mentioned I was going to start a new workout (new as in actually start working out).  But that petered out quick.  Things at the church were 90-nothing (always are, that’s a good thing) and I was taking 6 hours of graduate coursework.

But it’s time.  I’m tired of being fat.  It’s been 10 years since I got fat.  I’m tired of the way I feel.  I’m tired of the way I look.  And I’m tired of not being able to take my shirt off at the beach 🙂
Seriously though.  Tomorrow, I’m going to the gym and getting a membership.  I’m gonna start with some healthy stuff this weekend, heading towards Monday where it’s go-time.  Protein shakes, chicken breasts, weights 3x a week, cardio 3x a week,gazelle-intense as Dave Ramsey would say.  I’ve been working very hard at getting some thing organized in my life and I’m really ready to go.
I hate asking for help but I thought if I posted here and you guys checked on me there’s no going back.  So would you help encourage me?  Pray for me that I’ll be dedicated, focused, gazelle-intense.  That my wife will get the husband she’s wanted for a long time.  
I’ll post updates as I go, looking forward to the new me!