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Waiting Game…

So I’m about to finish up this class I’m taking.  I have one more exam.  Those of you who saw my Bye Bye 4.0 post know how bummed I was with my last exam grade (especially after getting 100’s on the first 2 exams).

So I finished up my paper Sunday and turned it in.  I have one more exam and I’m studying like mad.  I figured that if I got a 100 on my exam (possible) and a 100 on my paper, I still could get an A by .9%.   
I feel like a politician waiting on the election results.  The grade on this paper will define whether I get an A or not.  That A will define whether I keep my 4.0 or not (yes, I know the 4.0 isn’t the most important thing folks but you gotta admit a 4.0 would be awesome, plus, I still would like to teach at the university level someday so good grades would be helpful..).  
SO… I wait.  I’m posting a screengrab of this part of my grade thing online.  Don’t freak out, the ! simply means it’s not graded yet.  Notice the far right… it shows that this paper is worth 30% of my grade.  YIKES!!
Sweating bullets!  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Posted by on October 11, 2007 in school stuff