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I think my prayers are working!

Tonight my 6-year old prayed for our 1-year old (who has been throwing up and has some sort of stomach thing).  He prayed last night and again tonight when we prayed together as a family.

Afterwards he said “I need to pray one more thing.”  Here’s what he said:
“Jesus, I think my prayers are working.”
It’s so amazing to watch a 6 year old with the faith of a mustard seed.  Knowing that God hears him when he prays.  I’d venture to say most adults aren’t convinced that God hears them when they pray.  
When Jesus said “when you pray, pray like this…” (Matt 6:9) I don’t think He meant that it was a nice exercise in futility.   I think He meant that God Himself hears our heart when we express our needs to Him, and like a loving Father desires to take care of us.
Oh to have faith like a child…
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Posted by on January 25, 2008 in family, random stuff, spirituality