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Parading My Theology…

I had a conversation recently that left me thinking, “is that what life as a Christ-follower amounts to, parading our theology?”  What exactly do I mean?  Let me tell you!  It seems sometimes as if our conversations about things of God are merely sizing each other up, seeing who knows the most, “parading our theology,” if you will.  Now I’m not advocating that theology isn’t important. It absolutely is.  In fact, I’m in a theology course right now.  But…

James tells us that faith without works is dead.  It’s not merely parading our theology that I believe Jesus calls us to, it’s the expression of theology.  If I REALLY believe something, my ACTIONS will prove it.  Remember Jesus’ summary of the greatest commands?  Was it “Thou shalt know all that thou mightest possibly accumulate in thou thick noggin?”  Or “He who hath taken the most classes, read the most books, and/or can sound convincing on a theological argument shall inherit the earth?”  No.  Jesus said to “love God, love others.”  That outward expression is SUCH a big deal in Scripture.  May I always seek to express the inward connection I have with Jesus in an outward way…
  • by feeding the hungry
  • by clothing the poor
  • be teaching those who seek to be taught
  • by sharing what I have
  • by showing my wife and kids what a godly husband and father are like… the way I model that to them can greatly influence how they view God
  • by loving others greater than myself
  • by seeking to fulfill the “one another” commands of Scripture
I hope that my “parading of theology” isn’t simply showing that I have knowledge.  I AM growing in knowledge… the Semetary will give me that.  Nothing wrong with increasing in knowledge.  But my outward expression needs to show that my beliefs and my actions are inseparable.  
Man, I have a lot of work to do!
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Posted by on October 23, 2007 in theology