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The View

No, I’m not writing a post about Rosie O’Donnell and that argument with Elizabeth Hasselbeck or whatever her name is. Not talking about Barbara Walters either.

No, I wanted to share with you a couple of views from vacation.
The first was an amazing view. It had just rained so the beach actually looks kinda muggy but it actually turned out pretty beautiful the rest of the week. This view is from the balcony of our hotel room.This was a really great view, at night you could see ships passing by, and occasionally see a couple strolling, holding hands as they walked down the beach together. The breeze from the ocean was just amazing and a just a great place to be. The view in the morning was gorgeous.

All of that, and I found a view on vacation that I thought was even more precious than the ocean and it’s beauty…

Yes, that’s my son Brayden. He’s leaning on my knee, taking a break from me feeding him one night in the hotel room. I thought to myself how special it was that I got to have two amazing boys to invest my life in, and that even though the ocean was beautiful, seriously the way he looked at me far surpassed the ocean. I don’t know what they are thinking at that age but they just seem to be glad to be with you and I was glad to be with them. Now that’s a good view!
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Is it a sin to turn your cell phone off?

Well this past week I was on vacation and I tried a little experiment: leaving my cell phone in my bag and not using it at all. I succeeded to go from Sunday till Friday with I think only 1 turning-on because I needed to call home or something. The rest of the time I left it in my bag on silent or off.

This was so freeing. It was so nice not being a slave to that thing. My wife commented that it made vacation so much better not having to hear my phone go off or me have to answer 20 calls a day. Even when I set some boundaries and leave it on silent for x amount of time, I feel like so much of my life revolves around using my phone. It would be different if I had a cool phone like the iPhone, but on my pile it’s reduced to just answering other people’s calls.

How about you? What’s the longest you were able to go without using your phone? Do you feel like you can set boundaries and say “I’m spending time with my family tonight, therefore I’m putting it on silent for a few hours” without fear of getting chewed out by someone? What’s your experience?


Day 4 Reflections

Yes, it’s ridiculous. I’m sitting on the balcony of my hotel that’s on the beach. Seriously. Right on the beach. And the wind from the ocean is hitting me hard enough to flap my hair and shirt around a bit, it’s just amazing. I can hear the waves hitting the shore, I’d say the beach is less than 100 yards from me. Craziness!

It’s 1:35 a.m. and I just got back from hanging out with Pastor John Atkinson. He’s a really great guy who is a fellow blogger and a fellow small groups guy at a really great large church here in Corpus Christi. I’ll blog later more about him and hanging out, so watch for that.

I just checked on my boys and my wife and all is well, they are all asleep and seem to be quite content (maybe the fact that it’s 30 degrees in our room has something to do with that? I think I’m training them well!). I just love my family. It’s amazing that nine years ago I got married without having a clue how valuable family is and how in the last few years God has just turned my heart towards them so much. There’s nothing I’d rather do than spend time with my boys and Annette. They all have such great qualities about them (even little Brayden) and I’m thankful to God for putting them in my life, I’m completely undeserving. In my 3-5 year plan (which I was planning on working on but haven’t started officially on this vacation), I think the most important thing outside of improving my understanding/encounter with God is to be a better husband and father. To have my wife know me as her best friend, lover, constant companion, rather than a slave to “the ministry” (by the way, God doesn’t call us to give up having a healthy family for the sake of the ministry, just an FYI. And if I hear another pastor say “well, you’re in the ministry” or “you knew what you were getting into when…” sheesh). I want my boys to know me as Daddy and mentor, not as “pastor” (I appreciate Craig Groeschel for saying this and it’s burned into my heart) for my primary discipleship efforts to be launched their direction. All of the men and leaders in my life will come and go but my boys will always be my boys and the legacy I pour into them will last an eternity. I want to be a more fun husband and father, to do more things outdoors, to take better care of myself so I’ll be around to enjoy life with them… I love being a husband and a dad… what better thing could there be?

So about today- we started with a total health kick- latte’s from Starbuck’s and breakfast burritos from MacDee’s. Then we went to the huge, amazing local aquarium (okay, not huge and not necessarily amazing but cool nonetheless). Brendan seems to love seeing fish and science and talking about it, I hope he grows up to really appreciate nature and all of God’s creation and since his memory is so amazing maybe he can be a marine biologist or something like that. Relaxed in the afternoon a bit while Annette and Brendan went to the ocean and swam in the pool, and then we went for a drive around the bay and to Mustang Island (north of Padre Island)… rode a ferry (seriously, about a 25-minute wait to get on and the ride across the channel or whatever it’s called lasted 3 minutes tops), came home, had some grub, and headed to Barnes and Noble for a chat with John.
Good day, enjoyed it, looking forward to tomorrow, our last full day here, then hopping on a plane on Friday and flying home to reality.

I love the beach!

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Vaykayshun Day 1

Day 1 (yesterday) started early (6:50a.m.) after a fairly sleepless night (we were all excited). We finished final prep and loaded the car and headed for DFW airport. It rained the whole way, and we wondered if this was indicative of what our week was going to look like weather-wise (weather reports weren’t looking too good). But we were able to board the plane and fly to (most-of-the-time) sunny Corpus Christi, Texas!

It was Brendan’s (and Brayden’s)
first flight and they both did so well! I was amazed that neither of them seemed scared one bit. Brendan actually seemed a bit bored after awhile and began coloring in his coloring book! All in all it was a non-eventful flight (all 1 hour of it). Rental car was easy and we were on our way to the Omni hotel.

We swam a bunch and I taught Brendan how to snorkel, that was a lot of fun and he did great! Had a luxurious dinner at Mickey Dee’s, and relaxed watching the boats in the marina. I think they were in bed by 9:30p.m., I went downstairs and finished reading Seth Godin’s The Dip, and was in bed listening to Snow Patrol’s Final Straw by 10:30p.m. . I’m loving this record!!

Good day, great to be with the fam!

I leave you with a shot from the “stalker cam”! My wife took a picture of Brendan and I in the pool (yes, I spared your eyes by leaving my shirt on!). We thought it looked like a stalker-type pic! See ya!

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