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Give It All Away

There’s a great post today by Craig Groeschel called “Kingdom Minded Part 3.”  He talks about the value of giving things away as a church for the Kingdom of God (sermon/media content, staff time in the form of serving other churches via roundtable, etc).  The more I read from him the more amazed at God I am at what He’s creating through Craig.  He seems such a humble, serving guy and I’m glad to see this conversation take place.

I have a core value/conviction/etc. that we need to be a teaching church.  Not just my church or your church, but all churches.  We need to be teaching other people who may not be as far along on the journey as we are.  We need to help others along.  We’re all in this together!
My pastor really has instilled in me the need to work and build up other churches.  I’ve noticed a correlation with my satisfaction serving my church people with me investing in other leaders.  I’m young but I love it and feel I have something to offer (even if it’s not much!).  
How about you?  What are you giving away as a church/ministry/Christ-follower?  How are you multiplying influence for the Kingdom by your giving attitude?  Where do you need to invest more?
Go read Craig’s post here and get in on the discussion.
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